Program Implementation and Change Management

Frequent problems :
What is involved in a telehealth program implementation?

More than just purchasing equipment, once policies and procedures are in place and staff trained, using new e-health and telehealth technologies correctly and effectively can be a daunting task. In addition, in today’s world, rapid emergence of new technologies necessitates effective change management in the healthcare environment. To take advantage of new technology the workplace must change and change should be managed strategically.

We can

  • Draw from “best practices” in program implementation.
  • Provide a blueprint as well as hands-on guidance through all implementation phases.
  • Ensure all roll-out activities and tasks are completed and delivered on time.
  • Provide telehealth program direction if called upon.
  • Facilitate and mediate project meetings.
  • Integrate change management strategies early in program implementation to forestall staff resistance.